How to Write Shayari

How to write Shayari

Do you know how to write Shayari or Poetry? Generally, you don’t have any ideas to write the shayari. And mostly people write Shayari when they have an interest in writing or get hurt by someone. We know that everyone can’t write the Shayari because they don’t have any idea how to write on it. In general, we are not professional poets & poetry is not our work. But still, you can learn how to write Shayari. We always try our best in each blog to learn new things every time. This blog of the Attitude-yari website tried to explain how to write Shayari.

But if you still want to work on poetry, you can do that easily. We are here to let you know the way, like how to choose the words & how to arrange them properly. So read the complete post & we have explained the all in a very deep way with points. If you have an interest in writing poetry or Shayari, that blog will help you or give you an idea of how to write Shayari. 

What is Shayari?

Shayari comes from Urdu poetry but it’s famous in India. If you will see the directory Shayari is a Hindi word which means Poetry. Shayari is a collection of words arranged in a systematic way to express the feelings of the heart. Shayari might be sad, loveable, attitude, motivational & too another mood. The language of the Shayari depends on the creator or reader, like how they are comfortable or how they love to listen.

Some Hindi speakers or listeners love the words of Urdu, so they would like to listen to or create a Shayari mostly with the Urdu words because they feel a different energy in Urdu words. The second part of the Shayari is emotions or, can say, the mood. Like in what mood or emotions do you want to use in the Shayari, for example – Love, Sad, Attitude, Sarcasm, Happiness, motivation & too many other moods?

So first we have to find the language we love & have a good vocabulary in that language then look for the mood you are in best as some have funny mood, or some peoples always in a sad memory. So, choose your mind’s status carefully. It will help a lot when you write words for Shayari. 

How to Write Shayari?

Nobody can’t write Shayari easily but we tried to help you with how to write Shayari. In a general way, you can write Shayari when you get hurt or by listening many times to any Shayari over Google or any other media source. It may help or help you to get some ideas on how to write Shayari. When you are too happy & too sad, you would like to express that emotion differently or can say it through Shayari.

When you get feelings like that, take your pen or open notepad to write that to begin your first step. You can use online notepad tools or offline notepad to write your Shayari. Do not hesitate to write the words because the very first time, it will be a little awkward, but we continue to write the words. Next, we will figure out the correct way.

Now select the words you have written & try to use the synonyms to set a kind of lyric. So now you have found the emotion you want to write on & the language as well with the words which is meaning full & lyrical. It’s totally up to you whether you want to write four lines or attitude Shayari 2 lines. These days, attitude Shayari is in trend & easy to write for everyone. We have a huge collection of Boys Attitude Shayari on our website. You can take the examples from there for your reference.

Read Famous Shayars Shayari:

Before writing Shayari, we suggest you read the famous Shayars Shayari. It will help or give an idea for how to write Shayari or Poetry. Below we have mentioned some famous Shayars and they have written lots of Shayaris. You know Mr. Amir Khusrau is the first Indian Shayar who wrote lots of Shayaris. But it’s too hard to get his written Shayaris. So below, we will talk about 90 decade-famous Shayars. And these Shayaris will help you with how to write Shayari.

Mr. Gulzar: They are very famous for Shayari (Poetry), Ghazal, or for Sher. They have written many Shayaris in Hindi, Urdu, Punjabi, Marwari, and many other languages. They are also a Film Director and have written dialogues in many movies. His famous book is Traveni, in which you can get a collection of Shayari.

Mr. Faiz Ahmad Faiz: They were born in Pakistan and are famous Shayars in Pakistan. They mostly write all the Shayaris in Urdu. One of his books was published after his death called DAAMAN-E-YUSUF in 1989. 

Mr. Nida Fazli: They are Indian Shayar but still write Shayari in Hindi and Urdu. His Shayaris will help you to that how to write Shayari. In his Poetry or Shayari collections, you can find Lafzun Ka Pul, Mor Naach, Khoya Huwa Sa Kuch, and many other publications. 

There are many other famous Shayars who wrote lots of Shayaris and after reading this poetry you can get an idea of how to write Shayari. Also, if you are busy and don’t want to write the Shayari, you can copy-paste the Shayari over internet resources as there are many sites that allow you to copy Shayari. These Shayaris you can share over the WhatsApp Status or else update your Instagram Bio.


After learning the well about the way you learn How to write Shayari, you can write Attitude Shayari in Hindi. You also write Shayari for Instagram Bio & post them on your profile to show your friends. You can write your Shayari in many types of fonts as well & it will change the look of your profile. These Shayari can be written for Boys or Girls in different languages like Hindi or English. You can share this page with your friends & let them know How to write Shayari.


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