What is Shayari? Types of Shayari’s

what is shayari types of shayari

Today the author of Attitude-yari is talking about the Shayari. What is Shayari? A form of poetry. Generally, Poetry or Shayari is used in South Asia (India, Pakistan, and others). There were many famous Shayars in India and Pakistan. The famous Shayar of India is Mirza Ghalib. Shayari is an art of words in which you express your feelings, metaphors (either love, attitude, or others), or many different things.

There are so many types of Shayari or types of ways to write Shayari. If you need to learn how to write Shayari, you can learn about it first. Generally, not everyone can write the Shayari as it’s an art that is quite tough to write. But you can still try to write. To write the Shayari, you need to learn about the Shayari first, and after that, you need to read famous Shayar’s Shayari to understand how to write.

You can write the Shayari in manual languages, but it should be your first language. You can write Shayari in Hindi, English, Urdu, or many other languages in which you want to write, but before writing Shayari, you need to know about it. So, in this blog, you will learn What is Shayari and the types of Shayari.

What is Shayari?

Shayari is a way to express your feelings towards any person you want to show love, attitude, anger, motivation or many others. It’s an art like a picture art to express your feelings. Shayari is also known as Poetry (An English name), Ghazal, Nazm, and many more. There are many famous Shayars, and they give contributions to writing Shayari.

We know that Shayari is an art of words that describe your feelings, but not everyone can write the Shayari, and they express it with normal words instead of Shayari. But you can copy the Shayari from various platforms where you will find many Shayaris to copy according to your feelings. If you are looking for Attitude Shayari, you can find it on Google to copy.

You can update them on your Social media profiles, too. For example, if you want to update your bio on Instagram, then you can update your Instagram bio with Shayari to make your profile decent. Another way to make your profile attractive is to update your DP with the help of Name DP images like A Letter Images, Lord Krishna Images, DP For Girls, and many others.

There are many ways to use Shayari, but you need to know what it is before using it. You can use them in your social media account bio to show your nature, to create reels over Instagram to make money, to post over WhatsApp status to show your current mood, or many others. They are useful for social media accounts or profiles. So firstly, we will talk about What is Shayari and the types of Shayari.

Types of Shayari

Attitude Shayari: That type of Shayari shows your nature, which is attitude. If you want to show your nature towards any person with an attitude, you can write or copy Attitude Shayari. You can write in your own words or copy Attitude Shayari according to your gender. If you are a boy, you can copy Attitude Shayari for boys. There are many sites from where you can copy these Attitude Shayaris.

Love Shayari: You can show your love towards your partner in that Shayari. You can write the love Shayari about it, or else you can copy them from various sources. With Love, Shayari, you can impress your partner as Shayari is words art. If you can’t write a proper Shayari, you can copy or learn the love Shayari from various sites and impress your partner.

Breakup Shayari or Hurt Shayari: If someone hurts you or is done with you, use that type of Shayari towards your partner to show your broken hurt. Generally, after a broken hurt, everyone wants to show attitude or hurt towards the person who broke their hurt. In that case, you can use hurt or breakup Shayari.

There are other types of Shayari, like Good Morning, Good Night, Des Bhakti, Funny, Maa, Father, Sorry, Sad, or others, which you can use to put in your social media profiles, bio, or create videos. You can create them by yourself after learning about the Shayari, or else you can copy from various websites where these are listed. You can read them first to get an idea about the Shayari.

Famous Shayar’s

In the above, we read about What is Shayari and the types of Shayari. We will talk more about the famous Shayars worldwide who write beyond the level. Shayars have many publications, and they are famous mostly in India and Pakistan.

Mirza Ghalib: Mirza Ghalib was a famous Shayar in India and Pakistan born in Agra, which is famous for the Taj Mahal. They generally wrote in Urdu due to their first language. They started their career at 11 and wrote the first Shayari. He has done many publications, but all in Urdu. They are famous for Shayari and written many Shayari which are still famous.

Gulzar: They are famous in India, but they were born in Dina, Punjab, which is now in Pakistan. But they moved to India, and they are famous Shayar in India. They are film directors, too. They have written many publications and also write in Urdu and Punjabi. They also wrote Shayari in Marwari and Haryanvi.

So there are more famous Shayar in India and Pakistan, which you can find in many different languages like English, Hindi, Urdu, Punjabi, and many more. Many others have yet to become famous in the digital era and can write the Shayari. Writing the Shayari is easy, but you must first learn What Shayar is and how to write it. And you don’t need to spend long hours; you can copy and paste the Shayari through different online resources. You will be able to get 1000s of Shayari to copy. So you can avoid writing the Shayari. You can copy them from different sites.

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